Who We Are


Prior to becoming a licensed 501©3 non-profit, the founders of Forgotten Angels Cat Rescue volunteered with numerous other cat rescue organizations that focused on adoption.  Realizing that adoption alone was not enough, in 2006 Forgotten Angels Cat Rescue was formed.  The mission would be to help as many stray and feral cats and kittens as possible, while at the same time to encourage public education and awareness.

At weekly adoption events held at local Petsmart stores, volunteers staff an information booth that provides literature and educates the public in many areas, some of which are:

            *  The importance of spaying/neutering and available low cost resources.

            *  T-N-R   (Trap-Neuter-Return)

            *  Responsible pet ownership.

            *  Various behavior issues such as litter box problems.

In 2007, the Community Foster program was created to help families that have found themselves unable to keep their cat due to a change in circumstances.  The program has allowed existing families to act as a “foster home” for their pet until a new loving, forever home can be found.

In addition, over the past 3 years, volunteers have trapped and transported more than 650 stray and feral cats to high volume spay/neuter clinics such as Fix Nation & Catnippers.    Beginning in 2008,   the free “Trap Loaner” program was established and has been a huge success in providing a much needed resource to the community. The program serves to educate the public on the importance of T-N-R  vs. Trap-Neuter-Kill. Throughout the process, people have been trained on the safe and humane way to trap. The program has empowered caregivers to become active members in the trapping community.

Since 2006, through the Petsmart Partnership, the adoption program has successfully placed over 350 homeless cats and kittens into loving homes.  The vast majority of the adopted cats/kittens have been rescued from the streets. Be it a feral mother with a litter of kittens needing to be socialized, or tame cats that have found their way to a feral colony, these “Forgotten Angels” will always be the rescue’s charter.  From the beginning, Forgotten Angels Cat Rescue has understood that adoption alone is not enough. Their mission has always been ambitious but simple.  To see that every feral cat is spayed or neutered and returned to their colony to live out their lives under the watchful eye of their caregiver. With the help of a growing number of volunteers, Forgotten Angels Cat Rescue will see that this dream becomes a reality. 



Forgotten Angels Cat Rescue

“In honor of all the lives lost in the shelters and on the streets, NEVER to be Forgotten”