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At Forgotten Angels Cat Rescue, our hearts go out to the thousands of abandoned and homeless cats and kittens within our community and the millions across the country.

Through our trap-neuter-return (TNR) efforts, we are seeing a reduction in the number of cats living on the streets and the number being turned in at local shelters. 

Ultimately, our goal is to see every feral cat spayed/neutered, immunized and when possible, taken off the streets and placed into loving homes of their own. 

Obviously this is an ambitious goal, one that we can’t do alone.  In order to make our dream a reality, we need your help.  As you can imagine, monetary donations are of the most immediate need.  These donations immediately go towards spay/neuter costs for ferals as well as to provide food, shelter and any medical needs for rescued cats and kittens that are awaiting adoption. 

As well as monetary donations, we do have other items on our need list. 

Dry food Pro Plan Adult (Chicken and Rice), Pro Plan Kitten (Chicken    and Rice).


Purina Cat/Kitten (for feral cats)

Litter Tidy Cat Crystals (non scooping)

Humane Animal Traps.

(for Trap/Neuter/Return of feral cats)

Havahart or Tomahawk – 32” or 36” size
Office Supplies

Fax & Copy Paper (desperately needed)



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                                      P.O. Box  900681

                                      Palmdale, CA  93590